Trio Loubelya
Photo: Irène Strubbe

Trio Loubelya is a harmonious cocktail of original compositions, a touch of emotion, a zest of humor and a beautiful complicity for a “trad’actuel” ball, both energetic and intimate, combining with finesse the subtle breath of the accordion, the intoxicating timbre of the saxophone, the delirious clarinet and the captivating depth of the double bass.

If there was a Noble Prize for the achievements in the field of sensuality in music – they would already have it!

They have already recorded two albums: Sogni D’Oro (2013) and Rua da alegria (2017)

Marie Constant – diatonic accordion
Rolland Martinez – double bass, clarinet
Florent Lalet – saxophones

GWERENN – music from Brittany and France

Entrancing dialogue of saxophone and flute (an analogy to the traditional “couple de sonneurs”) with the background consisting of the pulse and harmony created by guitar, bass and drums reaches the boundaries of Breton, Balfolk, jazz and World Music.

Tradition mixed with modernity, the experience of musicians with their youthful energy.

Trance rhythm penetrates into the veins and forces you to dance.

The band is inspired and fascinated with the vitality of traditional dance and music culture in Brittany, where Fest Noz – dance evenings with traditional music – is present in the life of every city and village, connecting generations. At the same time, this culture nowadays does not close inside its own tradition, but eagerly accepts and absorbs new musical influences, thus gaining new audiences and expanding the dance circle.

Gwerenn plays their own compositions and traditional music, but not necessarily in a very traditional way, but always for dancers.

Julia Sielicka – flute, whistle
Wojciech Braszak – saxophones
Tomasz Biela – acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Adam Sławiński – bass guitar
Patryk Hołoga – cajón, bongos, bodhrán, darabuka, percussion instruments

OMGDudeWeNeedAName: Pustka (guitar) and Maciej Sowilski (flutes) invite you to a musical journey to the unknown. Traditional and unusual balfolk, own and spatial compositions. The duo was born to life out of the moment and played its first concert on the small stage of CaDansa, later with success supported balls of Warsaw and had its festival debut on “May Balfolk Weekend” in Cracow where for the first time they played their own material. OMGDudWeNeedAName in numbers – the average per musician: one head, two arms, two legs, 3 strings, 7 flute keys, one beard, shoulder-length hair.